Rose Price
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A few years ago, if you asked Rose Price her first name, she probably would have responded "Coach." For over 18 years, she was known by everyone as Coach---and a successful one too. She led many high school and college teams to winning records because she taught athletes how to excel, win and be their best. Whether it is softball, basketball, field hockey or track and cross-country, she loved the challenge of the game. With a master's degree in physical education, sports were her life.

Her success as a coach followed her through every program she led; often she turned losing teams into winning ones. The secret of her success could be attributed to her expertise at sports, her ability to help athletes refine their talents, or it may just be that she loves being around people and helping them find the best in themselves.



Today, Rose is still coaching people, but in a different arena- Real Estate. As a professional real estate agent, success is again following Rose because she offers her clients skills of organization, education and genuine concern for them as they plan to buy or sell a home.  Rose takes a winning approach to real estate.


One of Rose's specialties is helping people transfer into Champaign/Urbana and its surrounding communities. When the time comes for you to pull up roots and move, she is the professional who will help you make a smooth transition. Besides devoting all her time to locating the right home for you, she provides you with personalized Internet packets of information about the community. At your fingertips you'll have everything you need to know about schools, activities, services and any other interests. "By providing information to my customers, it gives them knowledge," she says. "And the power of knowledge is very helpful when you are transferring."


When you plan to list your home for sale, Rose is the Realtor to call first. Because she is involved with transferees, she has a vast base of prospective buyers. As she puts together the game plan to sell your home, she is looking out for everyone's best interests. If you are involved in an estate that needs to be SOLD, she is also the professional in Champaign/Urbana and the surrounding communities who is an expert in helping you through this sensitive time.


Rose wants your home purchase or sale to be a positive experience and she is always flexible. She has polished her strategies so you will have a successful transaction, and that is her winning approach!

Give Rose a call today or email her now. Discover her winning approach and become a member of winning team!




Licensed in the State of Illinois

Rose Price of Landmark Real Estate located in Champaign, Illinois provides real estate services in Champaign, Illinois including Urbana, Mahomet, Seymour, Monticello, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, and Tuscola. I list and sell residential real estate, investment properties, vacant land, lots for sale in the Champaign, Illinois area. Search for homes in Champaign and the surrounding areas.